Committee Appointment Time!–Fill out this survey by May 16th

Date :
2 May 2022
Time :
12:00 am - 12:00 am

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. What committees do you wish to serve on during the 2022-2023 academic year? Remember, full-time faculty have a contractual obligation of two (2) hours of committee work a week. Part-time faculty are paid for their time on assigned committee work. This is everyone’s opportunity to be involved and help guide the College of the Desert next year.

Some SUPER important reminders before you get started:

  • You must fill out this survey even if you wish to continue on the same committee(s) you have been on this year. Almost all committee appointments “reset” in order to give everyone a chance to serve.
  • If you have served on a committee for a while, think about exploring a new committee so that everyone may find work that is meaningful to them.
  • But, and I repeat, if you do wish to try to serve again, you MUST fill out this survey! Really. You must. 😊
  • Representatives from your Academic Unit to the five Senate Committees, CPC, Enrollment Management, and All Faculty Senate are appointed by your Academic Units. Those are not part of this process. Speak with your Department Chairs if you are interested in representing your Academic Unit on one of these committees.
  • Some committees like EOPS and DSPS Advisories have very specific requirements for who should serve based on their charters. I will reach out directly to those who qualify.
  • Again, fill out this survey if you want to serve even if you are currently on a committee. Really. You must. 😊 But don’t be a committee hoarder either! It’s good to try new things and get others to share their voices in this process.

Meeting Formats

I do not have a crystal ball. I do not know what format all committees will meet in in the fall. I would advise that you assume meetings will be in person. If you cannot attend a committee in person at the time/days noted on the survey, please choose another committee.

All Faculty Senate and its five committees (Curriculum, ED Tech, EPP, Faculty Development, OAC) will resume meeting in person on the main campus with virtual participation being allowed following our existing bylaws which require voting members to attend from district sites in publicly accessible places. We are working on a way for others to attend while still adhering to our bylaws and the Brown Act.

If you have kept reading, congratulations! You are now ready to fill out the survey. Please read the information at the top of the survey and then get started (it doesn’t take as long to fill out the survey as it took to read this email 😊)!