How does an adjunct serve as a Senate committee representative?

  1. You can be appointed to one or more committees.
  2. You will be paid as an appointed adjunct for attending and for any required outside work.
  3. You will be paid at the Support Activities rate. 
  4. Appointed adjuncts are voting members in their committee, and therefore have power to affect change in the college. 
  5. Being on a committee will help your professional development and career. Add it to your CV / Resume
  6. Apply for committees that you are interested in and can physically attend regularly.
  7. Attendance will be public and in-person on the Palm Desert campus, as defined by the Brown Act.
    • You may attend via Zoom from the Indio Conference room on the 2nd floor. You must attend in a public, COD location.
  8. To apply to be a Senate committee representative please click here

Use the link below to find a description of each committee, what they do, and what your responsibilities are as an appointed adjunct.