Visioning session dates are 1/16, 2/20, 3/19, 4/16, and 5/21 (every third Tuesdays of the Month) from 4-6 PM )


The CCA Part-time Visioning sessions are designed to be a space where important contract and legislation-related information can dealing with part-time faculty issues be shared can be shared and discussed in a way that is both informative and interactive, and allows for part-time faculty and their advocates to meet an discuss in a space that it both outside of, yet connected to CCA Conference sessions. The key is to give brief overviews and provide participants with info, from contract language to quick leg info, then move into breakout sessions to facilitate member-to-member discussion both within and across locals.  Such discussion can then be used to think about specific contract language goals  and/or organizing and bargaining strategies, or possibly future policy or legislation.  Another soft goal of the visioning sessions is to create mutual understanding and appreciation of local-to-local challenges, and build greater solidarity.

Pre-registration is required for the Spring 2024 series of these meetings at .  One preregistration is sufficient for the entire series.

Both part-time faculty, and/or local part-time advocates (both full and part-time) are encouraged to attend.