As part of your CODAA membership benefits, you now can order business cards and name badges! Please complete the CODAA Business Card and Name Badge Order Form no later than March 15, 2024. Your order will be processed within seven business days. Should we have any questions, we will contact you before the order is completed.

If you have any questions, please contact CODAA Membership Chair, Ana Hernandez at: or Please note that the next order will be available until the following Fall 2024 term.

If you are not an active CODAA Unit Member – please JOIN TODAY! Your business card/name badge order will be fulfilled once you become a member. CODAA is currently in the middle of renegotiations, and your vote will make a difference – we are stronger by the numbers! To learn more, visit Join.CTA.Org to start your membership. Total monthly dues are only $31.01 ($4.06 local chapter, $26.95 CTA/NEA membership)! Here’s our official CODAA webpage to learn more about us. 

For the list of full membership benefits, visit Home ( Don’t miss out on benefits such as:

·  Insurance 

·  Financial Services

·  Discounts & Travel

·  Retirement Savings Plan and Financial Wellness 

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