Last Tuesday, three FACCC co-sponsored bills passed Assembly Higher Education Committee and will now move on to Appropriations Committee:

  • AB 260 (Santiago) – This bill would ensure part-time faculty are being compensated for work they must do in and out of the classroom across California Community Colleges (CCC).
  • AB 1190 (Irwin) – This bill would require community college districts to provide compensation for office hours to part-time faculty in at least an amount that bears the same ratio to the amount provided to full-time employees.
  • AB 811 (Fong) – This bill would increase the number of times a student may take a credit course for which they received a substandard grade up to five times. Students who received a satisfactory grade would be permitted to repeat a course up to at least three times for personal enrichment.

Thank you to those who took action by filling out our action alert. We are one step closer to ensuring that part-time faculty in the California Community Colleges system are fairly compensated for their work both in and out of the classroom. Moreover, we are paving the way for increased opportunities for students to succeed academically and achieve their personal and professional goals.