The education sector is one of the most essential pillars of our society, and those working in the field often have unique needs and requirements. Fortunately, when you join CODAA, you also gain access to organizations like the National Education Association (NEA), and the California Teachers Association (CTA) exist to support and advocate for educators. These organizations also offer our members benefits that can help teachers, librarians, and counselors personally and professionally.

CTA Member Benefits:

The California Teachers Association offers a variety of member benefits, including insurance plans, legal services, and financial planning tools. The organization’s website,, provides a comprehensive overview of these benefits, including eligibility requirements and enrollment information.

One of the most popular benefits offered by CTA is its insurance programs. Members can access affordable group rates for auto, home, and renters insurance and supplemental health and disability insurance plans. CTA also offers legal services through its partnership with California Casualty, which provides members access to attorneys who can guide various legal issues, from employment disputes to family law matters.

In addition to insurance and legal services, CTA offers financial planning tools designed specifically for educators. Members can access free financial planning consultations, retirement planning services, and investment advice. CTA also offers members various discounts and deals on everything from travel to technology products.

NEA Member Benefits:

The National Education Association is a national organization that represents education professionals across the United States. NEA offers a wide range of member benefits through its website, These benefits include discounts on everything from car rentals to office supplies and access to exclusive programs and services.

One of the most popular benefits offered by NEA is its travel program. Members can access discounts on flights, hotels, and rental cars through NEA Vacations, which offers packages to destinations worldwide. NEA also provides members access to various financial services, including credit cards, home and auto loans, and retirement planning tools.

Another benefit of NEA membership is access to professional development resources. Members can access online courses, webinars, and other resources to help educators improve their skills and advance their careers. NEA also provides members access to legal services and advice on various issues, from employment contracts to education law.

Conclusion: It’s time to Join CODAA if you are not already a member.

CODAA, through CTA and NEA, offer a wide range of member benefits designed to support education professionals in their personal and professional lives. Whether you’re looking for insurance, legal services, financial planning tools, travel discounts, or professional development resources, these organizations have you covered. CLICK TO JOIN.