Desert Community College District
Board of Trustees Meeting
CODAA Report

Madam Chair, Trustee Gonzalez, Trustee Jandt, Trustee Kinnamon, Trustee Perez, Student Trustee Pahl, Madam Superintendent / President Garcia.

CODAA membership has ratified the changes to our CBA articles on compensation and on healthcare.  We look forward to the opportunity to continue discussions and negotiations with the district to bring greater clarity to the contract language.  We, also, look forward with some immediacy to see the benefit of these negotiations in our paychecks.

Adjunct faculty and CODAA are very productive.  A number of adjuncts including Dr. Arlette Poland (CODAA board member) contributed works to the Faculty Art Exhibit that was held in the Marks Center.  Dr. Steve Acree, Chair of the CODAA Equity Committee is working with GSC Pride Center to bring a faculty workshop and guest speaker to COD on May 12.  The CODAA Equity Committee is sponsoring the participation of ESLN faculty, Angel G. Lua in the 2023 Equity and Human Rights Conference in Santa Clara this weekend. Steve is also on his second semester of facilitating the Parker Palmer “Courage to Teach” programs.

Gary Graves, who teaches digital marketing and who is the creator and master of CODAA’s website will be riding in the 545-mile Aids Lifecycle in June.  This will be Gary’s 13th year and the fulfillment of his personal goal to raise $100,000.00 for Aids research.  CODAA encourages your support.

Adjunct Senators and CODAA members, Christina Dodough and Seniorina Saldivar have called for nominations for Adjunct Faculty of the Year 2023. This award exists only because Senate rules preclude adjuncts from voting for the Senate Faculty of the Year Award.

This is what we are doing.  The question on the minds of adjuncts is: What is Board doing to resolve the investigation of hiring practices that has left 2 counselors without the fulltime positions for which they were hired in December?  It is now more than 90 days since a quick decision was promised.