Madam Chair and Trustee Stefan, Trustee Gonzalez, Trustee Kinnamon, Trustee Perez, and Student Trustee Pahl (if till on the BOT after the end of the Semester)

CODAA and the adjunct community we represent are pleased to welcome Ron Oden to the Board of Trustees, knowing he has knowledge and appreciation for the history and politics of both this area and this institution that would not be possible without his years as adjunct faculty in Social Science at COD. We are hopeful that his leadership skills will mend some of the schisms that have racked this college and burdened the community over the past year, allowing the BOT to return to its mission of service to students through good governance.

CODAA thanks VP Martinez-Garcia for the opportunity to meet with the Deans (both Instructional and Non-Instructional) to discuss CODAA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement towards the development of common procedures and common practices that are consistent across all the schools. We are confident that through communication, we can clear up the differences in expectations engendered by the ambiguity of the contract language. To this end, we are hoping to sunshine our one non-compensation re-opener as ARTICLE XIV: REEMPLOYMENT PROCESS (To clarify areas in the language that have been the subject of confusion.) As a step toward parity, this is a step toward equity.
CODAA would also like to thank VPs Galindo and VP R. Garcia (interim VP’s Vigo and Dunn) as well as Diana Guijarro and the Payroll team under Val Martinez for the very expeditious payment of retroactive COLA and the updated pay schedule that includes ongoing COLA—no errors or omissions: a true feat.