Desert Community College District
Board of Trustees Meeting
CODAA Report

Madam Chair and Trustee Stefan, Trustee Gonzalez, Trustee Kinnamon, Trustee Perez, and Student Trustee Pahl

CODAA congratulates Christina Dodough on her selection as the Adjunct Faculty of the Year.

CODAA congratulates Mike Gladych on his election to the Faculty Senate.  Mike will serve for two years as one of two Adjunct Representatives on this important governing body.

CODAA welcomes Ana Hernandez to CODAA’s Executive Board as the new Membership Chair.

CODAA thanks Dr. Kim Dozier, outgoing Senate President, for her service to the College. During Kim’s tenure as Senate President,  Adjuncts participated on more committees and on a more equal footing than previously.

CODAA looks forward to working with Senate President Corbyn Wild to continue the inclusion of Adjuncts in the Academic life of the college.

CODAA also and always is grateful to Oceana Collins and CODFA for the solidarity and common cause we have shared.  Thanks also to CSEA for the important work they do and their strength of purpose.

A few words about Commencement. As we are about to see our students walk in Commencement, it is not the end of their time at COD that we celebrate, but the beginning of the rest of their lives.

COD, as an institution, is also on the threshold of a commencement of a different sort with the opportunity to start fresh and leave the contentions of the past 24 months in our rear-view mirror.

However, CODAA again urges the Board to find an external interim President and to rely on the yourselves to identify a strong, qualified, independent replacement for the vacant post of Area 3 Trustee.

Lastly, we wish Dr. Martha Garcia much success as she departs for her new position at Mount San Antonio Community College.